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Poverty and inequality

Inequality defines our times: Too many people’s chances in life are determined by who they are or where they live. That must change.

We can change this!

Support Oxfam and help fight inequality

Take action
Individual actions you can take:

Goal 1

No poverty


Donate clothes and food supplies

to support those living in extreme poverty.


Campaign for affordable childcare.

On average, poor families who pay out of pocket for childcare spend one-third of their incomes just to be able to work.


Support pay equity

- closing the gender wage gap would cut poverty. Ask your employer about what they’re doing to close the gap.


Be an informed consumer.

Support responsible businesses who pay decent wages and provide decent working conditions.


Support organisations

that are working on alleviating poverty and injustice. Through your time or money, you could make a difference to individuals, families and communities.


Support homeless people

Offer to buy them some essential goods such as food or donate warm clothes. This is often safer than giving them money.