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Internet Access

Fewer than 1 in 5 people in the least developed countries are connected to the internet.

We can change this!

Sign the contract for the web and help ensure the internet is accessible, safe and empowering for everyone.

Take action
Individual actions you can take:

Goal 9

Industry, innovation and infrastructure


Be an advocate for technology for all

Use your platform to raise awareness and champion internet access for everyone.


Write to your political representatives

to ensure they see access to the internet as a basic right and a public good.


Donate to an organisation,

that is helping to better connect people.


Impart wisdom

by helping others with technology literacy. Teach someone how to use their devices and get them connected to the internet.


Sharing is caring.

Donate your old devices and help individuals and communities connect with each other.


Help those struggling to connect.

Share your WIFI/broadband with those around you struggling to get connected.