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COVID has shown us all just how important our health is. The pandemic has disrupted health services around the world. A lack of access to health puts all lives at risk.

We can change this!

Ask G20 to suspend debt to fight COVID

Take action
Individual actions you can take:

Goal 3

Good health and well-being


Demand medical care and vaccinations

for all by voting for leaders who prioritise access to health for everyone. That way everyone can be protected from dangerous diseases.


Keep yourself and others safe from COVID

by washing your hands, wearing a face mask and following social distancing guidelines.


Campaign for access in rural or emergency areas

with equal access to medicine. Run a campaign to donate medicine that will be passed to rural or emergency areas.


Place yourself on the organ and tissue donors’

registry in your country.


Donate your blood.

Safe blood saves lives!


Support an organisation that is providing

essential care. COVID has impacted health services. Donate to charities that are providing essential services to the most vulnerable such as medical supplies.