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Air pollution

Pollution not only impacts air quality but also your health and the environment.

We can change this!

Join the Global Campaign for clean air:

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Individual actions you can take:

Goal 11

Sustainable cities and communities


On your bike, get set, go!

Walk and cycle more, get trains instead of planes.


Offset your carbon emissions.

You can calculate your carbon footprint and purchase climate credits from ‘Climate Neutral Now’.


Go on holiday in your own country

to lower your carbon footprint. Air travel produces three times more CO2 per passenger than rail.


If you have to drive, choose an energy saving car

to reduce nitrogen oxide and hydrocarbon emissions by 90%


Research and be mindful about your carbon footprint.

Research shows cutting out meat and dairy can reduce your carbon footprint by 73%.


Switch to a green energy supplier.

The large energy companies often invest in dirty and unsustainable forms of energy.